Friday, September 26, 2014

Thai Chicken Rice +++

this's the 2nd time i ate chicken rice in bangkok, pratunam area. don't miss 1 of s'pore famous food or love it that much. just that thai people sell s'pore style chicken rice & well received by the local! the shop opp berkeley hotel always have long q! ate in dec '13. one hi-end mall even put SG Best Chicken Rice! almost wanted to go & find out more.

today i'm going to write about the one opp the IT mall. ate in sep '14. S$1.80 only. additional bowl of rice i asked for was free. the skin reminded me of the famous thai boneless chicken feet in the lions city. less oily rice. worth it!

now the middle-class thai are willing to spend on international cuisine. maybe it's a good thing. for me when i'm in thailand, their local food especially those by the roadside or family run restaurants attract me most.

Monday, April 21, 2014

Chilean Wine, Asia Grand, & Love

i waited almost 9 yrs to open this 2005 Chilean Casa Leona Chardonnay by Marks & Spencer. the right occasion came, farewell dinner for my HK relatives who last come about 9 yrs ago! this White was perfectly quick chilled by Asia Grand Restaurant at North Bridge Road. Great White of the New World!
my aunt Christina in black stood behind me, did a wine tasting course. my 80 something grand aunt, a veteran drinker, next to us. they felt the wine was very mellow and aromatic. their remarks truly pleased me.

asia grand restaurant is at north bridge road opposite the grand dame raffles hotel. we'd boiled beef for my little boy cousin, sweet n sour pork, claypot vegetables, steamed tofu with prawn & wine chicken. well not bad. the pork costed $24 for small! honestly for me will not dine there regularly although the service was good. 

this dinner on 20/4/14 not only about food & drink, it's more on Love & Family especially across the miles! Treasure your Loved Ones!

Sunday, February 2, 2014

CNY Feasting 2014

Lunar New Year is a time for Big Eating. Some food eg Raw Fish Salad (YuSheng), Treasure Pot (Poon Choy) & some Plants eg ! P u s s y Willow, Mandarin Oranges are available during this season only. Restaurants are very busy.

For my family usually we dine out for Reunion Dinner but these 2 years we dine in due to my 87 years old mum's health condition. Lots of preparation, from thinking of the menu, marketing, cooking, eating & cleaning. Fun.

Tried 3 new Beer: Leo by Thai Singha,  Dester from Korea, & Suntory from Japan offered by my relative. Although the bottle of Suntory was 5.5% alcohol contents but felt to be as mild as the other 2 of 5%. All 3 tasted fine & not expensive.

We missed the Suckling Pig & Poon Choy coz of very high price this year. Roast Pork, Chicken & Duck were as good. 

 Nice Green
 Coffee Shop's Salmon Yu Sheng, we added Chilean Abalone

 New Steamboat & Grill Set

 Tiger Prawns were Cheap

 On 2nd Day, Yu Sheng from Wo Peng Restaurant, Macpherson Shop. Fried Fish Skin was Good.
 Light Lunch of Yong Tau Foo from coffee shop on 3rd Day

Nice Bee Cheng Hiang Ba-Kua. Don't know how much it costed & how long the Relative queued!

 Beautiful !@#$%^&* Willows 

Lunar 7th Day is the official Eat YuSheng Day to symbolise All Man's Birthday (Ren Ri). And the important first 15th Day, also known as Chinese Valentine's Day, falls on 14/2 which is Western Valentine's Day. Look forward to Amour YuSheng. After that many restaurants will stop selling the Raw Fish Salad dish.

Today, Feb 7, Lunar 8th Day: CNY Lunch with a VG Bachelor pal of over 30 years, Mr Lee! went to his fav mall, 112 Katong. after went round the whole building searching for food, ended at XIAO LA JIAO (Little Chilli) on level 3. it's a Si Chuan restaurant. Cosy, Economical, Patient & Friendly Staff.
A Malaysian Born Supervisor offered to Photo Us

 Clams w Silk Melon, Ma Po Tofu, Stir-fried Beef w Mushrooms, Sweet Corn Rice

Gui-Lin Jelly w Honey

 Mango Sago w Pomelo
Tasty Food enough for 4. with snack, 3 bowls of rice, unlimited Chinese Tea, & tax, the total bill was less than $60. Service was Polite, Good & Attentive. We will Return.  

Lunar 10th, feb 9: one of my fav cantonese cny dish, Dried Oyster & Black Moss. It symbolises Good Happening & Prosperity! This's home-cooked. Lots of work. Yummy!

Enjoy your New Year & have a Fabulous Horse Year!

Saturday, November 2, 2013

$1.00 Durian

looking at the solid golden fruits you might think that it'll cost a bomb! probably at least $10 a kg! is it D24, XO?
 $1.00 for 1 whole fruit! YES, it's True! a stall at blk 352 ubi ave 1 sold this unnamed King of Fruits.
although it's small in size, only slightly bigger than the cane-ball (sepak txxxx), each piece has many fruits in it.
all the 10 pieces are of the same great Quality, Creamy, Thick, Slightly Bitter, Strong Aromatic Smell! it's Truly Treasure!
husk or shell forms a flower! amazing! bought it by chance. the strong smell from miles caught my attention & interest. so the next time give cheap durian a chance.

my D24, planted a few years ago, after eating it, just for fun threw the seeds in a pot. interestingly it grows!
 my XO, history same as above.

 since the $1 Durian was so Nice, decided to plant it.
perhaps 1 day i'll enjoy Great Fruits!

Happy Eating, 2/11/13, 6.55pm.

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Moon Cake 13

it's again Mid-Autumn time. Moon Cake, Lantern, & Moon Fairy. Hotels, Restaurants & Cake Shops busy period. most malls have many moon cake stalls including those by hotels.

in recent years, Packaging or Moon Cake Box has become a highlight. many of these boxes are so nice & well created that you'll keep. 

1st take a look at Yan Ting Restaurant of St Regis. this award winning establishment again comes out with very Creative Box. ate their Single Yolk, Double Yolks, LOtus & White version & Mixed Nuts. Thumb Up of course

new taste is always welcome. another award winning restaurant, Hua Ting of Orchard Hotel's Snow Skin Sweet Potato Paste is simply Marvellous! she keeps the box simple.

i always believe if you eat Hi-End moon cake, your Gods & Ancestors must too! so every year i get the Best Vegetarian Moon Cake for My Buddha & Ancestors from Wo Peng Restaurant owned by HK Platinum Master Chef Julian Tam. it's Baked with White Lotus Paste & Black Sesame. they also have other fabulous favours. 

lastly is the Very Traditional Piglet Mooncake. cantonese call it Chu-Chai-Peng. just flour made into Pig shape & put in Pig Case. Delight for Kids & those Young at Heart!

Friday, August 2, 2013

Beer & Ribs

Tsingtao is probably the Best China Beer! it's imported into S'pore around the 70s with a different packaging. its Stout was short-lived due to reason best known to the authority. a friend who'd just returned from Guangzhou mentioned that they're various types of Tsingtao Beer over there.

Nice Roast Pork Ribs from Cold Storage, Otah from the popular Ubi Bejing Duck, & homecooked Veg blended very well with Tsingtao!

on the same day the bottle i bought from Cold Storage parkway parade mall costed $5.25 whereas the one from Fairprice marine parade costed $4.95! eventually decided to buy 2 bottles coz realised that my young man was at home, perhaps he wanted a beer too! not forgetting that he finished a Draught in Bangkok in 3 mins!

Happy Friday, 2/8/13. 7.45pm.

Friday, July 26, 2013

Soup Kambing Kaki

on the signet of this 24 hours big indian muslim restaurant at blk 304 ubi ave 1 wrote Soup Kambing Kaki. casually it means Goat Leg Soup. to be exact maybe it's the lower Shank. whatever, local will know this very popular Soup Kambing or Mutton Soup dish. usually other than the meat, other parts are involved too eg brain, eyes, tongue, leg etc.

once a week i'll try to eat kambing soup from this store. it's better than the famous one in Upper Boon Keng Road or Eunos hawker centre. very good on a cold night or if you're suffering from coldness.

each good stall will have its own secret recipe but Pepper is one vip ingredient. thus you can expect it to be Hot & Spicy. i prefer to put the food on the plate for easier bite with my hands.

the soup from this stall isn't oily. commonly in other shops you can see the fatty layer! for $4.50 it's certainly Worth It! the soup is aromatic & thick but not oily. strictly shank with tender flesh! after the good food, have a cup of hot Tea-0, will make your delicious meal perfect!