Friday, April 20, 2012

Bengawan Solo Lapis n Choc

by chance tried parkway parade bengawan solo's kueh lapis n choc cake, $12.50 for a quarter kl n $7.80 for choc. too plain prefer them 2b sweeter. tot the choc cake should have smooth n even look!

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Bean Curd at Ubi

although i luv watching mr bean show i aint lover of soya bean stuff. this corner stall at blk 325 ubi ave 1 coffee shop sells cold Bean Curd, $1.50 original flavour n $2.00 almond flavour. the couple who man it is very hardworking. they greet anyone who walk pass n bring their stuff to sell at your table at peak hrs!

today decided to try the original flavour. to my surprise the bean curd is Smooth, Tender n Aromatic. it reminds me of the phrase as smooth as woman's bottom! worth it. another surprise is the Facebook icon on its carrier! 

do give this Little Bean a try. 1 can eat there or take away.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Chewy Roast Duck

my 1st try with this new Roast Meat stall at blk 302 ubi ave 1, big coffee shop. Yummy! Aromatic Rice, Gravy, & Duck. unlike roast chicken or common roast duck, this's Chewyness!!! 8 pcs of Fresh Cucumber slice. chilli sauce also nice. $3.30 only dine in or takeaway. Must Try!