Saturday, November 6, 2010


Congee, Porridge, Cantonese call it Choke Canton Choke stall, #01-34 Eunos Hawker Centre, near Eunos MRT stn. many choices fm $2.50. fotos of Chow Yuen Fatt n the boss couple as nice as its choke. very cantonese. 1 might improve one's cantonese by talking to them n their young adult son.
for lunch i tried Century Egg Choke. very nice even w/o adding pepper n soya sauce! Cuttle-fish was QQ. mince pork & choke were very fine. century egg once smelt were bring u back at least 1/2 a century! Must Try!

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Maid's Cooking

My new maid, Nur, fm Indonesia said she could cook many dishes eg chicken rice, laksa, mee siam, bak kut teh etc. This her 5th year in S'pore. Here shows her creation of Tofu Goreng. Best dip with chilli padi n soya sauce. Sedap!

Mee Suah: tasty soup. chicken, pork, fish cake, cabbage. my ivory chopsticks n ch spoon. Shiok!

steam chicken with wolfberries, ginger, golden needle fungi, n tomatoes. tasty n thick gravy. Shiok!

Laska, sporean all time fav. sure Spicy. fishball, fishcake, beancurd, towkay, laska hoon all ok. but some kind of veg missing thus lack power laska effect. 

Chicken Rice 2

Sin Kee Famous Chicken Rice, Blk 38 Commonwealth Ave, Opp Queenstown Library

Many Awards Certs n Photos of Big Shots were displayed. Q quite long. Pay 1st. Food den deliver. Told by Stanley that it shifted here only recently. Maybe Feng Shui &/or Chef not quite ok! Quite Disappointing! Wing meat still Rough! Rice, Vegetable n Chicken Feet Fine. $20+ for 2 pax. My bowl of refill rice $1.00!!! his neat porridge 50 cts. Will I return? Unlikely.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

'Chef' ABC

she peeled beancurd skin tats wat caught my eyes! tot she 1 2 boil dessert. wat she did next prompt me 2 dedicate tis page 2 her: 'Chef ' Anita Billie Cheong, my eldest girl who'll wipe out unexpected dishes now n den, many self-creation! her fav choc muffins. 
here instant curry mee w beancurd skin: hot, spicy, beancurd skin smooth as silk, wat a feeling!

Monday, October 4, 2010

Chicken Rice 1

Nominated 4 S'pore Hawker Masters Awards 2010
as the name of tis blog goes, will kick off w Chicken Rice. tis d v famous stall in ubi housing est w abt 1/2 a dozen stalls. Mandarin Chicken Rice, no relation w d hotel, is v gd w white chicken. will rate by Aroma, Taste, Price, Service, max 10 pts.

1. Taste:     8. both rice n meat. soft n juicy.

2. Aroma:   8. it helps clear ur noise.

3. Service:  7. can be better during off-peak. long Q.

4. Price:      9. $2.50 unless u want drumstick. dine in or takeaway.

Location:   blk 304 ubi ave 1, boon wah coffee shop.

Remarks:   Y dun open 4 dinner oso? Y closed on alternate sun? Mus Try!!

Start With Coffee

every sun my parents brought me for either tim sum bkfast at old ch rest' in bugis area or lunch at ch rest'. my mum could cook d same dish 4 dinner! soup is her speciality. signature dish is Lotus Seed Duck.
as a lucky geomancer there is no shortage of good food. special tks goes to stanley who every week will invite me 4 lunch at diff places.
nvr tot of blogging abt F & B till in d am of 4/10/10 dreamt tat i shld blog abt Chicken Rice. tats how it all started. 
happy reading, eating n drinking.