Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Wo Peng Restaurant & Cuisine

some yrs ago had cny reunion dinner at chinatown furama hotel's ch rest'. exec ch chef was hk platinum master chef tam kwok fai. v impressed by d crispy skin of d roast chick wich's better den bejing duck. its meat melts in ur mth! even d next day, warmed up by microwave oven, effect same! drank all gravy of d steamed fish! next day my mum ate up all d remaining fired glutinous rice for bkfast! till now cant 4get his good food. 

shortly heard tat he left not only furama but spore too. some yrs later, my dear fr stanley invited me to wo peng rest' 476 & 478 Macpherson Rd. for lunch. surprisingly, d chef owner was master chef tam kwok fai! assisted by a v experienced rest'manager may chai. of course old friends had good chat. fm den on we became reg there. he started w 476 den later 478.

in addition to d glutinous rice, the following dishes r highly recommended: any soup of d day. roast chicken n duck. not in pic: tong bo meat w pumpkin. fired fish skin. mixed veg claypot.

not in d std menu r daily exotic food which depend on what's available. worth trying eg beef or deer meat etc. must try d glutinous tea n brown rice tea. 

in less den 3 yrs they opened another branch. wo peng cuisine at 03-01/02 furama hotel chinatown!

over here fusion dim sum r served w new age desserts. very worth trying! some1 commented tat 1/2 hr wait for d egg tart was deserving!  

every now n then they cook up new dishes. if u r looking for a pl to pamper ur total self, family, clients n friends, guess here is it! reservation highly recommended: wo peng macpherson, ph 67479892. wo peng furama, ph 65332282.  

smiling personalised svc in both outlets. decor n ambience pleasing. parking no issue.

master tam was d 1st 1 to intro claypot treasure (poon choy) to spore. his version of raw fish salad (yu sheng) is no. 1. with $ n pre-order, he's able to wok up ur dream dish!