Friday, August 2, 2013

Beer & Ribs

Tsingtao is probably the Best China Beer! it's imported into S'pore around the 70s with a different packaging. its Stout was short-lived due to reason best known to the authority. a friend who'd just returned from Guangzhou mentioned that they're various types of Tsingtao Beer over there.

Nice Roast Pork Ribs from Cold Storage, Otah from the popular Ubi Bejing Duck, & homecooked Veg blended very well with Tsingtao!

on the same day the bottle i bought from Cold Storage parkway parade mall costed $5.25 whereas the one from Fairprice marine parade costed $4.95! eventually decided to buy 2 bottles coz realised that my young man was at home, perhaps he wanted a beer too! not forgetting that he finished a Draught in Bangkok in 3 mins!

Happy Friday, 2/8/13. 7.45pm.

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