Sunday, January 29, 2012

Yu Sheng & Ren Ri

Yu Sheng or Raw Fish Salad, a dish created by local 4 Master Chefs in the early days to stir up the quiet F & B business. it really worked! ikan parang or wolf herring was the prime fish then but now salmon is the king. some even add lobster, abalone etc. only above 16 yrs of age is allowed to eat yusheng coz too much rawness but now every one including many other races Huat Ah! in restaurants some even stand on the chair even table to stir it up! 
again in old days yusheng only be served on Ren Ri, cny 7th day (all Humans Birthday declared by the Heaven Gods). well now before cny eve 1 can taste raw fish salad.
timing is right for my family to gather on ren ri on a sun today to have official Yu Sheng feast. instead of the cny package menu, we picked what we like at the nearby Wo Peng Restaurant, macpherson rd. booking was made a week ago. like most good restaurants wo peng is fully booked for tonite even though it's 2 sessions.

Shark Fin with Crab Meat was the 2nd dish. Thick & Tasty.

 3rd is their signature dish, Roast Chicken. very Crispy Skin & Smooth Meat.

my favourite South African Sea Cucumber with large Mushroom & Broccoli was no 4. Great! 

 local Lobster baked with noodles was no 5. Fleshly! 

 no 6 was their Signature Fresh Fried Luo Mi Fan. 

 Dessert, Fried Nian Gao Hong Kong style (their Chef Owner Master Tham a HongKonger) was no 7.

 Gui Hua Gao made it Fatt Ah! Sweet & QQ. Happy Dragon Year!

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