Sunday, November 18, 2012

Yan Ting at St Regis

Yes, this Award Winning Restaurant truly deserves the Prize! Food varieties, taste, cost, service & decor all 1st class! 4 of us had the following heavy lunch (char siew bao no photo) on a busy full house sun costed only $254.70 all in. Worth It!

 pu er tea was nice. all wares have that Ting sound. shy young master chef

 steaming hot egg yolk bun
 peking duck with mee hoon, 2nd course of the precious duck

 spicy prawn sze chuan style

 lobster dumpling 

 shark fin dumpling soup

 asparagus with oyster sauce specially picked by shy young master chef

 her chopper & slicing skill were swift for the peking duck

Monday, November 5, 2012

Red Wine & Roast Meat

sudden urge for roast duck rice! on d way to the famous stall in ubi ave 1, wanted roast meat too. sudden urge to try them with red wine. in my unofficial cellar picked the hardys 2009 shiraz. 
great combination! meats were well roasted. wine fruity & thick. all these warmed the cooling mon, 5/11/12. 
by end of the lunch, 1/2 bottle gone. a well blended lunch. cheers! yummy!

Sunday, September 30, 2012

Moon Cake 12 Wo Peng

good vegetarian mooncake is hard to find. again wo peng restaurant made some fine ones with a new flavour, Green Tea.
perhaps due to the nature of green tea type, the skin is thickened. the aroma is fantastic! the other 1 is their creation since last year when they 1st launched mooncake, White Lotus Paste with Black Sesame. standard remained. both have loads of Melon Seeds.
box & carrier is same as last year. colourful & bright. would prefer their names to be printed on the front & back too. although cost will be higher, it's more eye-catching. 

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Moon Cake 12 Marriott

Handmade MoonCakes from Hotel Marriott's Award Winning Wan Hao Restaurant. i tried the traditional White Lotus Seed Paste with Single Yolk. Fresh & Tasty! Box comes with plastic knife n folks n Story about Mid-Autumn Festival. avg price is about $60 for 4 pcs. Fair Deal. Worth A Bite! 

Friday, September 14, 2012

Moon Cake Shang BKK

this pretty Metal Box really impressed me! + 4 diff types of Moon Cakes costed S$14 only! Shangri-la Restaurant in Bangkok Chinatown is not related to Hotel Shang of S'pore or Bkk. i brought it back around our National Day. quite early they started to sell Moon Cake. Very Nice! so if you're going to Bkk around lunar 7th mth or 8th mth, grab some Moon Cakes home. 

Moon Cake 12 St Regis

White Lotus Paste with Double Yolk MoonCake fm the Award Winning Yin Ting Restaurant of Hotel St Regis is the 1st local mooncake i tried tis season. From Packaging in a Tall Circular Holder to the Taste + Fitting Carrier, it's Perfect!

Thursday, July 26, 2012

5-Star Char Kuey Teow

look at tat Cockle, locally called C-Hum! it's packeted for abt 20mins b4 i was free to lunch & yet it still tasted Fresh, more like raw than over-cooked! the quality of this shellfish & the chef matters! 5pcs of medium size c-hum. 
all other ingredients eg vegetables, fishcake, towkay, eggs & chinese wax hotdog (lup cheong) tasted great!
Fresh as though straight from the wok!
$2.50 dine in or takeaway at blk 350 ubi ave 1 coffee shop. Great Food at Good Price! Must Try!

Monday, July 23, 2012

Kuey Chap

look great right? u must try this Kuey Chap at blk 350 ubi ave 1 coffee shop. $3 dine in & $3.50 takeaway. 1 full egg, meat, tau pok, skin, intestine & 2 types of chilli. it's certainly different! the elderly teochew couple tat manage the stall is very well-mannered. they also sell Duck Rice.

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Junior 'Master Chef'

Winston, a 13 yrs old, will ask the staff including owner what's the ingredients & how it's cooked when he smells an interesting dish in any good dining outlets here or oversea. normally only adult who cooks well will ask such questions! quite surprise from this lad. 

Quite common at home he'll ask the maid to move aside & he'll take over the cooking. Granny will come screaming Watch the knife, Watch the fire, What're you doing in the kitchen....  after trying out his dish & often his Creation, Granny who's no less than 60 yrs of cooking experience feels that Winston should be a Chef!

At Food Fair or Tasting sessions, Winston will try almost all Food & Drink & will let you know the taste instantly. Just he tried Anchor Beer. So light! Water! Immediately i checked its alcohol contents. 4.5% only!

In the 60s or earlier Anchor Beer is the King of Beer but over the years it's taken over by others. The old Anchor didn't taste so Watery! Something has changed! 

Winston also has good taste for any Drinking Stuff. Currently he feels that Wine tastes better than Beer. His great great grandpa, who came from China, was a Bun & Pastry Chef in a Cantonese Restaurant. His eldest sis also loved cooking. His 1st uncle, a banker, enjoyed cooking too. 

Winston enjoyed the summer waves of Phuket in 2010.
In the recent mid-year exam Winston got A for Home Econ, theory & practical.  

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Imperial Treasure

 lunch invite by stanley to Imperial Treasure at Great World City only impressed me with the unusual Beef Mai & Pork Hands for they're not commonly available. no 1 pour us tea after the 1st round. is it common? decor nothing special. most of the dishes are on the high side. although they've sugar-coated cashew nuts, taste of all dishes that we tried tasted same, acceptable only. the white rice i'd was aromatic. 

the Boat Porridge he ordered looked nice but his expression failed the congee. other dim sum we'd were har kow, siew mai, fun cheong, chicken feet, carrot cake, & teochew kuey.

quite good crowd for a weekday lunch. two tables away was a group of hokkien speaking young adult males. casually dressed with mouthful of hokkien foul words! maybe it's their lingo to each sentence! 

i'll not entertain at this place but if i were the guest i wouldn't mind. 

Monday, May 21, 2012

New Zealand Wine

Mud House from NZ wine-yard when a relative visited there some years ago. 

as the Special Guest Speaker of the NZ Tourism Board to speak at NZ's 100 Years of Tourism Convention about a decade ago, i'd the privilege to join the team to visit a new resort off Auckland. the couple managed a huge outlet with big game hunting, lodging, f & b etc.
we're treated to great lunch with the introduction of NZ wines. the man was very proud to show n share with us a bottle of Pinot Noir n highlighted that even SIA used it for her 1st class passengers! from there i learnt about NZ wine n Pinot Noir.
NZ wine is considered as New Age Wine. Pinot Noir is a Class of its Own. although NZ wine costs a few $ more, its taste will make that balance. Worth Trying n Collecting. Cheers!  

Tahuna from Cold Storage


a pal got this popular Oyster Bay from duty free shop s'pore

Sunday, May 20, 2012


summer time, Lychee season. juicy, sweet, & thick flesh with seed size similar to red or green bean is prime grade! trust originated from china. old belief is 1 bunch of Lychee is 3 bunch of Fire as in Heat! thus it's a heaty fruit like durian. enjoy folks.

Monday, May 14, 2012

Singapore Me Fun

Sin Chow Bee Hoon is a Common Dish at coffeeshop 'Restaurants', some even in bigger outlets. couldn't recall how's it liked! tat day ordered it then realised it's Dried Fried Bee Hoon. tis 1 at ubi ave 1 put in Tasty Fresh Prawn Flesh, mini Pork meat, Egg & QQ Towkay. Nice! Me Fun in Cantonese!

3 hardworking guys run tis stall. lunch n dinner daily. in addition to the above, they sell varities of food eg Claypot Rice, Pork Ribs Soup, Seafood Soup, & many many more. Good Food, Good Service, Good Price. Give it a Try Folks! its address on the photo below.


Friday, May 11, 2012

Black Good 4U

a stout malaysian fr disclosed tat the right way to drink stout (black beer) is Unchilled! at a wedding dinner i sat next to the air-con. bloody cold! hot ch tea didnt help. hard liquor would be too much. tried Unchilled Stout. it worked! kept me warmth throughout the banquet.
an old man said to gain Power, add raw egg n honey to the stout. stir fast b4 the egg got cooked. the taste n look is awful, not awesome!
1 can of special brew beer mix with 1 can of stout (any brand) will prove are u a Great Drinker!
as the respectable advice goes Never Eat Durian & Drink Hard Liquor (Stout inc)!
Don't be afraid of Dark! it's Good for U! it's never bitter just Bitterly Sweet! 
Toast, Yam Sheng, Cheers!

Friday, April 20, 2012

Bengawan Solo Lapis n Choc

by chance tried parkway parade bengawan solo's kueh lapis n choc cake, $12.50 for a quarter kl n $7.80 for choc. too plain prefer them 2b sweeter. tot the choc cake should have smooth n even look!

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Bean Curd at Ubi

although i luv watching mr bean show i aint lover of soya bean stuff. this corner stall at blk 325 ubi ave 1 coffee shop sells cold Bean Curd, $1.50 original flavour n $2.00 almond flavour. the couple who man it is very hardworking. they greet anyone who walk pass n bring their stuff to sell at your table at peak hrs!

today decided to try the original flavour. to my surprise the bean curd is Smooth, Tender n Aromatic. it reminds me of the phrase as smooth as woman's bottom! worth it. another surprise is the Facebook icon on its carrier! 

do give this Little Bean a try. 1 can eat there or take away.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Chewy Roast Duck

my 1st try with this new Roast Meat stall at blk 302 ubi ave 1, big coffee shop. Yummy! Aromatic Rice, Gravy, & Duck. unlike roast chicken or common roast duck, this's Chewyness!!! 8 pcs of Fresh Cucumber slice. chilli sauce also nice. $3.30 only dine in or takeaway. Must Try! 

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Great Taste

the late Deng Xiao Ping's cigarette. in 2009 according to a bejing tour guide Panda specially created Ginseng tobacco for Him! easily bounced down. filter tip too long. not my taste. made in shanghai. S$12 per pkt of 20 sticks in chengdu. this's Big Panda. small Panda is cheaper. 3rd in rank.

A friend always buy this from Singapore Airport & presents it to some Big Boys in China! when i was in chengdu, bought it, passed by a boutique. the lady boss remarked: Wow! mr, you smoke Chung Hwa cigarette! made in shanghai. quite good. S$10 in chengdu. 2nd in rank.

Man Always Remember Love Becoz of Romance Only. nice of course. USA created.  S$2.50 in bangkok. 1st in rank.

these few yrs my Super Like isn't cigarette. it's the pure tobacco Cigar especially the Cuban ones tat i like. 

Friday, February 10, 2012

Finger Licking Good DUCK

this small coffee shop at blk 305 ubi ave 1 only have 3 stalls, drinks, veg, & Roast Duck & Meat. elderly husband n wife run the Finger Licking Good DUCK. open for lunch only. parking space plenty.
QQ skin, Duck & rice full of aroma, its meat, gravy & chilli sauce too. dun mind at all using hands to get the best taste! if the old man is in good mood or if u r good looking, u'll get free pc of char siew or roast meat! 
for $3.00 a plate u r in for very good value. they hv noodle too. so if u want good Duck come ubi.

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Yu Sheng & Ren Ri

Yu Sheng or Raw Fish Salad, a dish created by local 4 Master Chefs in the early days to stir up the quiet F & B business. it really worked! ikan parang or wolf herring was the prime fish then but now salmon is the king. some even add lobster, abalone etc. only above 16 yrs of age is allowed to eat yusheng coz too much rawness but now every one including many other races Huat Ah! in restaurants some even stand on the chair even table to stir it up! 
again in old days yusheng only be served on Ren Ri, cny 7th day (all Humans Birthday declared by the Heaven Gods). well now before cny eve 1 can taste raw fish salad.
timing is right for my family to gather on ren ri on a sun today to have official Yu Sheng feast. instead of the cny package menu, we picked what we like at the nearby Wo Peng Restaurant, macpherson rd. booking was made a week ago. like most good restaurants wo peng is fully booked for tonite even though it's 2 sessions.

Shark Fin with Crab Meat was the 2nd dish. Thick & Tasty.

 3rd is their signature dish, Roast Chicken. very Crispy Skin & Smooth Meat.

my favourite South African Sea Cucumber with large Mushroom & Broccoli was no 4. Great! 

 local Lobster baked with noodles was no 5. Fleshly! 

 no 6 was their Signature Fresh Fried Luo Mi Fan. 

 Dessert, Fried Nian Gao Hong Kong style (their Chef Owner Master Tham a HongKonger) was no 7.

 Gui Hua Gao made it Fatt Ah! Sweet & QQ. Happy Dragon Year!