Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Moon Cake 11 Hilton

very impressive Box & Design. worth the avg min price of mooncake at $50 a box. the 2 good luck coins will cheer you up. enjoy.

Baked Lotus Paste with Double Yolk n Macadamia Nuts is Hilton's signature mooncake. the Yolk is great. Skin fine. Wish to have more Nuts. prefer it to be Sweeter. worth $56.80 + taxes.

Carrier/Box Design:  8/10
Skin:                        7/10
Yolk:                       7/10
Paste:                      6/10
Taste:                      6/10     
Total:                     34/50


Friday, August 19, 2011

Mooncake 11 Wo Peng

1st time wo peng makes mooncake after abt 3 yrs in sg. among their many flavours, i tried what they called 1st in sg, Black Sesame White Lotus Paste. her owner is a celebrity master chef fm hk thus expectation is higher. skin fine. the 2 ingredients blended well. if more melon seeds would b better. box n carrier specially created w the pigeons pic which symbolised peace n harmony which the meaning in chinese is wo peng. overall good.

1. carrier/box design:      7.5/10

2. skin:                             7/10

3. paste:                         13.5/20

4. taste                             7/10

Total:                             35/50

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Moon Cake 11 Wing Wah

mooncake is a big thing in the mid-autumn festival. many sellers depend on this once in a yr event to rig in big bucks! my love for mooncake started in the 60s which u can read abt in MoonCake of like it so much that i can eat good ones 1 box a day!

from this yr onwards i'll do a serious review of whatever mooncakes i come across. to kick off the series, i've on hand the 60 something yrs old HK Wing Wah Mooncake. WW in short.

it's quite typical of HK style to pack their stuff in very nice metal box. WW shld b d 1st 1 to intro White Lotus paste here. tested its mini type. skin is very thin or fine which's an art. prefer the paste to be sweeter. egg yolk rather dried lacked freshness or what in cantonese called 'oil water'. amazed by its Ingredients n Nutrition information labels which many others dont disclose. 

1. Carrier/Box Design:   7/10
2. Skin:                          7/10
3. Yolk:                         4/10
4. Paste:                        6/10
5. Taste:                        6/10

Total:                            30/50