Thursday, May 9, 2013

Wo Peng - New Menu '13

What i like about Wo Peng Restaurant, 476 Macpherson Road, is every now & then they'll cook up new dishes. Here are some new creation i ate for dinner on 8/5/13.

this isn't the usual Jelly Fish! only the Best Part was used, that's the Top. QQ, Spicy & Yummy!

silver-foil will not dirty your hands. Tasty & Chewy Fried Chicken Wings.  

Chicken Soup with many types of Herbs. although the manager May told me the type of herbs, i just couldn't remember all. too many! 

Iceland Sea-Cucumber Grouper! What a rare deep sea fish! the bones were transparent, so soft & qq that i ate all! fresh flesh. here steamed with soya beans. another way is deep fried. 

they've a branch at hotel furama chinatown. both are equally good. Try it!

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