Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Imperial Treasure

 lunch invite by stanley to Imperial Treasure at Great World City only impressed me with the unusual Beef Mai & Pork Hands for they're not commonly available. no 1 pour us tea after the 1st round. is it common? decor nothing special. most of the dishes are on the high side. although they've sugar-coated cashew nuts, taste of all dishes that we tried tasted same, acceptable only. the white rice i'd was aromatic. 

the Boat Porridge he ordered looked nice but his expression failed the congee. other dim sum we'd were har kow, siew mai, fun cheong, chicken feet, carrot cake, & teochew kuey.

quite good crowd for a weekday lunch. two tables away was a group of hokkien speaking young adult males. casually dressed with mouthful of hokkien foul words! maybe it's their lingo to each sentence! 

i'll not entertain at this place but if i were the guest i wouldn't mind. 

Monday, May 21, 2012

New Zealand Wine

Mud House from NZ wine-yard when a relative visited there some years ago. 

as the Special Guest Speaker of the NZ Tourism Board to speak at NZ's 100 Years of Tourism Convention about a decade ago, i'd the privilege to join the team to visit a new resort off Auckland. the couple managed a huge outlet with big game hunting, lodging, f & b etc.
we're treated to great lunch with the introduction of NZ wines. the man was very proud to show n share with us a bottle of Pinot Noir n highlighted that even SIA used it for her 1st class passengers! from there i learnt about NZ wine n Pinot Noir.
NZ wine is considered as New Age Wine. Pinot Noir is a Class of its Own. although NZ wine costs a few $ more, its taste will make that balance. Worth Trying n Collecting. Cheers!  

Tahuna from Cold Storage


a pal got this popular Oyster Bay from duty free shop s'pore

Sunday, May 20, 2012


summer time, Lychee season. juicy, sweet, & thick flesh with seed size similar to red or green bean is prime grade! trust originated from china. old belief is 1 bunch of Lychee is 3 bunch of Fire as in Heat! thus it's a heaty fruit like durian. enjoy folks.

Monday, May 14, 2012

Singapore Me Fun

Sin Chow Bee Hoon is a Common Dish at coffeeshop 'Restaurants', some even in bigger outlets. couldn't recall how's it liked! tat day ordered it then realised it's Dried Fried Bee Hoon. tis 1 at ubi ave 1 put in Tasty Fresh Prawn Flesh, mini Pork meat, Egg & QQ Towkay. Nice! Me Fun in Cantonese!

3 hardworking guys run tis stall. lunch n dinner daily. in addition to the above, they sell varities of food eg Claypot Rice, Pork Ribs Soup, Seafood Soup, & many many more. Good Food, Good Service, Good Price. Give it a Try Folks! its address on the photo below.


Friday, May 11, 2012

Black Good 4U

a stout malaysian fr disclosed tat the right way to drink stout (black beer) is Unchilled! at a wedding dinner i sat next to the air-con. bloody cold! hot ch tea didnt help. hard liquor would be too much. tried Unchilled Stout. it worked! kept me warmth throughout the banquet.
an old man said to gain Power, add raw egg n honey to the stout. stir fast b4 the egg got cooked. the taste n look is awful, not awesome!
1 can of special brew beer mix with 1 can of stout (any brand) will prove are u a Great Drinker!
as the respectable advice goes Never Eat Durian & Drink Hard Liquor (Stout inc)!
Don't be afraid of Dark! it's Good for U! it's never bitter just Bitterly Sweet! 
Toast, Yam Sheng, Cheers!