Saturday, September 24, 2011

Crab Attack

i was 2 slow, it happened 2 fast! the above power claw had my thumb in between! blood shot out! pain hit heart straight! tears rushed 2 eyes! only way was to Chop its claw off my thumb! washed off blood n proceed to slaughter 5 more crabs! couldn't find my usual gloves. 2 long no buy crab. eat is easy. lots of preparation. 6 medium size for $15.80. lucky it didn't attack my nail! 

steam crab is my speciality n preferred choice. fresh n tasty esp w my blood (kidding)! blend w beer well.

s'pore fav chilli crab done in mrs cheong's recipe. credit oso goes to my philippino maid who did d frying. gravy well balance. hot enough for both young n old. unlike my recent tried at a restaurant which was so hot n spicy tat b4 it reaches your mouth it disturbs ur noise! yummy! yummy!

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Turtle Soup Eunos

lots of meats n fins. luv d fats. $8 for regular size. $10 for large. wat u c here is regular. so much better den those in geylang, gullemard, machperson, n tai seng. tell her not to add ch wine or pepper if u prefer not tat hot! turtle soup is good for both sexes, young or old.

this Herbal Soup stall is at a corner of the big Coffee Shop nearest to Eunos Mrt. it oso sells other soup eg black chicken. Worth Trying! usually closed on sat.

Monday, September 19, 2011

Mr Wong Seremban Beef Noodle

when it 1st started some years ago at marine parade hawker centre was the owner mr wong's 1 man show. i was an early patron. what i ordered was beef soup w rice. he didnt hv rice so he went to the neighbour's stall to get rice. he'll personally bring you your order wherever you seated. it's nice both the food n service. BUT tat's history!
in recent years esp due to good press reports n reviews, business improved greatly n long Q! worst still no more deliver to you, Self-Service! mr wong employed a few staff. he's hardly there.
i no longer keen over his food. the taste were gone! last sun i'd mixed beef noodle dried. $4.50 was collected 1st. the famous sauce turned out 2b just something black n saltish! the noodle flat. beef tasteless! the soup was still ok lah but 1/2 bowl only! if mr wong was there, i'll surely highlight to him. he remembers me as the early patron.
U might wonder y there isnt photo in tis article! the Cow is gone, where got photo!

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Peking Duck S'pore VS Peking

a big signet along ubi rd "Peking Duck $15.00" attracted many including my family member. it's actually a $ cheaper some yrs ago. my 1st remark tat time was "tis Peking Duck!" only take away fm a shop at ubi so no 1 will cut its skin 4u. till now to me it's jus Roast Duck! sometimes quite nice, sometimes horrid. today decide to exam it. ate at the original Peking Duck shop in Peking in '09. oso eaten Peking Duck fm diff local restaurants many times. so duck cant fool me.

2b fair to tis ubi Peking Duck, i decided to try all major parts including d Head! today they r lucky. skin quite QQ. whole big duck evenly cut up. meat quite tender. chilli sauce hot but Prawn Paste too strong! duck sauce too oily. extra pkt of duck sauce will cost 50cts!!! silly!!! 

                                                                                   if u want cheap roast duck u can consider tis but FORGET abt Peking Duck! i'm sober still after pairing it with Tsingtao Beer. lets talk tis beer now. when it 1st arrived here long ago, there'll were Beer n Stout. shortly the stout stopped it stay. a real pity! the beer originated fm Qingdao China was very Good! now not only its bottle was changed, its colour n contents were diff! the original beer was lighter in all aspects but tis is darker. thicker but bitter. i let a couple tried. they r v gd with liquor tasting. the girl felt Eeeeeeee! the guy said Disgusting! well for less than $5 to drain off the heat fm the duck, guess ok lah!

Saturday, September 10, 2011

MoonCake Awards 2011

base on all that i tried from HK Weng Wah, Wo Peng, HK Peninsula, Hilton, & Hua Ting Orchard, i'm glad to mention the following Awards. Thanks to Tham, May, Carol & Tony, Denise, June, & Chin Chin. for details of each type of mooncake, please refer to each blog. 

1. Best Carrier:          Hua Ting Orchard

2. Best Box:               Hilton

3. Best Taste:            Hilton's Double Yolk

4. Best New Taste:    Wo Peng's Black Sesame

5. Disappointment:    Hilton's Lotus Paste

Still have time to grab the Best. Happy MoonCaking. 


Thursday, September 8, 2011

MoonCake 11 Hua Ting

very impressed by the carrier design especially the ribbon. simply creative n artistic! box acceptable.

Orchard Hotel's Master Chef Chan Kwok won 2011 Chef of the Year & Asian Cuisine Chef of the Year. thus expectation from his Hua Ting restaurant is high. this White Lotus Paste with Macadamia Nuts mooncake is too sweet although the paste is fresh & smooth. thickness of the skin acceptable but can be better. cake is soft & tender. u hold it u can feel it! wish it's more & larger macadamia nuts. 

Carrier/Box Design:     8/10

Skin & Paste:             19/30

Taste:                          6/10

Total:                         33/50

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

MoonCake 11 Disappointing Hilton

lotus paste w M nuts. tis totally opp of its very nice lotus paste double yolks! skin thick & paste dried. both lacked shine. poor workmanship. store too long i tink. tasteless. only the box scored. Disappointing!

carrier/box design:      8/10 

skin, paste n taste     12/40

Total                       20/50

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Moon Cake 11 Peninsula Connoisseur

like other hk mooncakes, tis big boy peninsula listed down its ingredients n nutrition infor. box n carrier design classic but not outstanding. mini packed in 8.

after much lotus paste, for a change i've Mini Egg Custard mooncakes. tasted unusual n nice. mainly eggs, salted egg yolks, n custard powder. it's worth the long queue. understand that in hk, sold out!

Carrier/Box Design:     7/10
Skin:                           7/10
Yolk:                          7/10
Paste:                         7/10
Taste:                         7/10

Total:                        35/10