Sunday, February 2, 2014

CNY Feasting 2014

Lunar New Year is a time for Big Eating. Some food eg Raw Fish Salad (YuSheng), Treasure Pot (Poon Choy) & some Plants eg ! P u s s y Willow, Mandarin Oranges are available during this season only. Restaurants are very busy.

For my family usually we dine out for Reunion Dinner but these 2 years we dine in due to my 87 years old mum's health condition. Lots of preparation, from thinking of the menu, marketing, cooking, eating & cleaning. Fun.

Tried 3 new Beer: Leo by Thai Singha,  Dester from Korea, & Suntory from Japan offered by my relative. Although the bottle of Suntory was 5.5% alcohol contents but felt to be as mild as the other 2 of 5%. All 3 tasted fine & not expensive.

We missed the Suckling Pig & Poon Choy coz of very high price this year. Roast Pork, Chicken & Duck were as good. 

 Nice Green
 Coffee Shop's Salmon Yu Sheng, we added Chilean Abalone

 New Steamboat & Grill Set

 Tiger Prawns were Cheap

 On 2nd Day, Yu Sheng from Wo Peng Restaurant, Macpherson Shop. Fried Fish Skin was Good.
 Light Lunch of Yong Tau Foo from coffee shop on 3rd Day

Nice Bee Cheng Hiang Ba-Kua. Don't know how much it costed & how long the Relative queued!

 Beautiful !@#$%^&* Willows 

Lunar 7th Day is the official Eat YuSheng Day to symbolise All Man's Birthday (Ren Ri). And the important first 15th Day, also known as Chinese Valentine's Day, falls on 14/2 which is Western Valentine's Day. Look forward to Amour YuSheng. After that many restaurants will stop selling the Raw Fish Salad dish.

Today, Feb 7, Lunar 8th Day: CNY Lunch with a VG Bachelor pal of over 30 years, Mr Lee! went to his fav mall, 112 Katong. after went round the whole building searching for food, ended at XIAO LA JIAO (Little Chilli) on level 3. it's a Si Chuan restaurant. Cosy, Economical, Patient & Friendly Staff.
A Malaysian Born Supervisor offered to Photo Us

 Clams w Silk Melon, Ma Po Tofu, Stir-fried Beef w Mushrooms, Sweet Corn Rice

Gui-Lin Jelly w Honey

 Mango Sago w Pomelo
Tasty Food enough for 4. with snack, 3 bowls of rice, unlimited Chinese Tea, & tax, the total bill was less than $60. Service was Polite, Good & Attentive. We will Return.  

Lunar 10th, feb 9: one of my fav cantonese cny dish, Dried Oyster & Black Moss. It symbolises Good Happening & Prosperity! This's home-cooked. Lots of work. Yummy!

Enjoy your New Year & have a Fabulous Horse Year!