Sunday, September 15, 2013

Moon Cake 13

it's again Mid-Autumn time. Moon Cake, Lantern, & Moon Fairy. Hotels, Restaurants & Cake Shops busy period. most malls have many moon cake stalls including those by hotels.

in recent years, Packaging or Moon Cake Box has become a highlight. many of these boxes are so nice & well created that you'll keep. 

1st take a look at Yan Ting Restaurant of St Regis. this award winning establishment again comes out with very Creative Box. ate their Single Yolk, Double Yolks, LOtus & White version & Mixed Nuts. Thumb Up of course

new taste is always welcome. another award winning restaurant, Hua Ting of Orchard Hotel's Snow Skin Sweet Potato Paste is simply Marvellous! she keeps the box simple.

i always believe if you eat Hi-End moon cake, your Gods & Ancestors must too! so every year i get the Best Vegetarian Moon Cake for My Buddha & Ancestors from Wo Peng Restaurant owned by HK Platinum Master Chef Julian Tam. it's Baked with White Lotus Paste & Black Sesame. they also have other fabulous favours. 

lastly is the Very Traditional Piglet Mooncake. cantonese call it Chu-Chai-Peng. just flour made into Pig shape & put in Pig Case. Delight for Kids & those Young at Heart!

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