Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Great Taste

the late Deng Xiao Ping's cigarette. in 2009 according to a bejing tour guide Panda specially created Ginseng tobacco for Him! easily bounced down. filter tip too long. not my taste. made in shanghai. S$12 per pkt of 20 sticks in chengdu. this's Big Panda. small Panda is cheaper. 3rd in rank.

A friend always buy this from Singapore Airport & presents it to some Big Boys in China! when i was in chengdu, bought it, passed by a boutique. the lady boss remarked: Wow! mr, you smoke Chung Hwa cigarette! made in shanghai. quite good. S$10 in chengdu. 2nd in rank.

Man Always Remember Love Becoz of Romance Only. nice of course. USA created.  S$2.50 in bangkok. 1st in rank.

these few yrs my Super Like isn't cigarette. it's the pure tobacco Cigar especially the Cuban ones tat i like.