Saturday, November 2, 2013

$1.00 Durian

looking at the solid golden fruits you might think that it'll cost a bomb! probably at least $10 a kg! is it D24, XO?
 $1.00 for 1 whole fruit! YES, it's True! a stall at blk 352 ubi ave 1 sold this unnamed King of Fruits.
although it's small in size, only slightly bigger than the cane-ball (sepak txxxx), each piece has many fruits in it.
all the 10 pieces are of the same great Quality, Creamy, Thick, Slightly Bitter, Strong Aromatic Smell! it's Truly Treasure!
husk or shell forms a flower! amazing! bought it by chance. the strong smell from miles caught my attention & interest. so the next time give cheap durian a chance.

my D24, planted a few years ago, after eating it, just for fun threw the seeds in a pot. interestingly it grows!
 my XO, history same as above.

 since the $1 Durian was so Nice, decided to plant it.
perhaps 1 day i'll enjoy Great Fruits!

Happy Eating, 2/11/13, 6.55pm.

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