Sunday, June 3, 2012

Junior 'Master Chef'

Winston, a 13 yrs old, will ask the staff including owner what's the ingredients & how it's cooked when he smells an interesting dish in any good dining outlets here or oversea. normally only adult who cooks well will ask such questions! quite surprise from this lad. 

Quite common at home he'll ask the maid to move aside & he'll take over the cooking. Granny will come screaming Watch the knife, Watch the fire, What're you doing in the kitchen....  after trying out his dish & often his Creation, Granny who's no less than 60 yrs of cooking experience feels that Winston should be a Chef!

At Food Fair or Tasting sessions, Winston will try almost all Food & Drink & will let you know the taste instantly. Just he tried Anchor Beer. So light! Water! Immediately i checked its alcohol contents. 4.5% only!

In the 60s or earlier Anchor Beer is the King of Beer but over the years it's taken over by others. The old Anchor didn't taste so Watery! Something has changed! 

Winston also has good taste for any Drinking Stuff. Currently he feels that Wine tastes better than Beer. His great great grandpa, who came from China, was a Bun & Pastry Chef in a Cantonese Restaurant. His eldest sis also loved cooking. His 1st uncle, a banker, enjoyed cooking too. 

Winston enjoyed the summer waves of Phuket in 2010.
In the recent mid-year exam Winston got A for Home Econ, theory & practical.