Friday, July 26, 2013

Soup Kambing Kaki

on the signet of this 24 hours big indian muslim restaurant at blk 304 ubi ave 1 wrote Soup Kambing Kaki. casually it means Goat Leg Soup. to be exact maybe it's the lower Shank. whatever, local will know this very popular Soup Kambing or Mutton Soup dish. usually other than the meat, other parts are involved too eg brain, eyes, tongue, leg etc.

once a week i'll try to eat kambing soup from this store. it's better than the famous one in Upper Boon Keng Road or Eunos hawker centre. very good on a cold night or if you're suffering from coldness.

each good stall will have its own secret recipe but Pepper is one vip ingredient. thus you can expect it to be Hot & Spicy. i prefer to put the food on the plate for easier bite with my hands.

the soup from this stall isn't oily. commonly in other shops you can see the fatty layer! for $4.50 it's certainly Worth It! the soup is aromatic & thick but not oily. strictly shank with tender flesh! after the good food, have a cup of hot Tea-0, will make your delicious meal perfect!