Thursday, December 29, 2011

Mao San Huang Durian

went home surprised 2c 2 durians! family said some guys came 2 sell. by weight, costed $40 for 2! is it costly? cheater seller only cut a tiny opening. lucky got a very old wooden durian opener done by a very old family fr! aroma of Cat Hill King was soft. thick flesh, light bitter, quite sweet. normal durian colour. y not strong yellow? is it real Mao San Huang? winston remembered the best way to reduce durian's heat by drinking cold water fm its shell. we did enjoy it though feel cheated in a way. 


Sunday, December 11, 2011

Summer Palace Hotel Regent

Crystal Har Kau with carrot slice base. 

 Scallop Siew Mai. 5 of us. usual 3 pcs only. 

 Signature Crispy Dragon Beard Kau with egg skin base.

 eat Skin only Peking Duck done in traditional way 1st course. very fine & crispy skin well sliced by a lady manager. My Favourite!

2nd course Peking Duck Meat fried Noodle. Juicy Meat.

Tohu Crab Meat with Egg White & Vegetables. Smooth.

Juicy Deer Meat with Jade Green Vegetables will drunk any caterpillars. 

Wolfberries Aloe Vera Mango n Black Seeds Dessert. Healthy.

5 of us had 8-course lunch (ala carte) with char siew pau n dragon beard kau take away for around $300 at this should be Award-Winning hi-end restaurant of hotel Regent is Value for $. service was good only refilling of tea was rather slow. maybe there're kids thus the jasmine tea was lightened. i'll be back certainly.